Writes for all Mommies

I am writing for all the mommies out there who are feeling a little lost today, okay a lot lost today. I believe raising children is the most important undertaking of our lives. It is also the most underrated, the most exhausting and a huge killer of personal dreams. Let’s not stop the dreaming…

If we can connect to the part of ourselves that is the most vibrant and has the most light to shine, not only will we reap the rewards, our children will catch some of that light and shine on.

Don’t give up who you were before children. Make the most of who you are with children. Find some balance, find some sanity and ask for help.

No one really knows what the hell they are doing. That Mom you saw this morning at school drop off, the one with the perfect, hair/teeth/body? She doesn’t know a damn thing either. Her daughter refused to get out of bed this morning and had to be bribed with M&Ms. I bet at least your kids had cereal for breakfast and those are fortified with loads of vitamins. Keep up the great work!

1 thought on “Writes for all Mommies”

  1. hi…I decided I would start back from the beginning here and read through…you have such a great skill of telling your stories…I like the bit about m&m’s…I obviously have no experience as being a “real mom” but I was a camp counselor for one summer and I lived with the girls so I can relate just a touch…I love the bit about the m&m’s.

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