Nunchuks for All!

p8132937I live in Florida. This is my family’s first summer here. I’m going to tell you something that you may find shocking… it’s damn hot here in August.

I’m learning that the time to be cooped up has flipped from what it used to be when we lived in Wisconsin. In Florida, the winter months are your prime months to be outside, and the summer months are your time to be indoors.

Anyone who has boys understands that no matter where you live the months you have to be cooped up indoors are nothing short of disastrous. I have preferred suffering through it in Florida because at least it is consistently sunny, the pool or splash park is usually a good option and you can sometimes still be outdoors comfortably very early or very late in the day. That is, if you are actually motivated to take your kids out of your house which I was not yesterday. T.Puzzle and Full Speed have come to expect on the days we are home, we will be leaving the house on some planned activity. It has to be this way because of the intense level of energy that is contained within these walls. If the boys are out doing, then they are easier to manage when we are home doing nothing.

This notion is so ingrained, T.Puzzle kept running and putting his Spider-man crocs on throughout the day and saying “where we go Mommy?” Mommy was not in the mood. Mommy did not feel like doing anything kid-centric. Mommy still had pjs on at 11am. It felt like it was going to kill my soul if I went to a children’s play area at the mall or fast food restaurant for the hundredth time in a month. I simply couldn’t do it. I had to pay the consequences namely coming up with activities to keep my boys entertained so they didn’t watch 27 hours of television straight.

Boys are boys. Quiet activities are a stretch. I thought we could color with our markers, the mess free kind which are my personal favorite. I set out the markers. I set out the specially designed paper these Color Wonder markers require. I set my boys equidistance apart at our round kitchen table. Let the coloring begin.

In less than five minutes, Full Speed had figured out how to fashion his markers into nunchuks, shared this technology with T.Puzzle and a beat down of mass destruction ensued.

On second thought, maybe it wasn’t too late to pack up for the pool…

1 thought on “Nunchuks for All!”

  1. ha!!! LOL…marker nunchucks! that is famous…oh Frack…I can see it now…and that is a great pic by the way. Oh I can not imagine what it must be like to be a constant coordinator of fun events…and yes Houston is BURNING HOT in August; the absolute worst month of the year. I remember days in January in the 80’s at night….ahhh.

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