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p8132940So, I finished up my ridiculous early morning which included a pushy, teenage salesgirl from Estonia (where the hell is Estonia anyway?) who was hawking children’s books, Full Speed informing the pushy salesgirl that he didn’t like books and especially hated the sticker books she was trying to sell and T.Puzzle being highly emotional because I wouldn’t let him in the bathroom with me (I know, it’s a crazy thought that a Mom could have privacy). This was all before eight o’clock.

I’m seated at the computer attempting to complete my post. T.Puzzle is climbing all over me and Full Speed is telling me that I need to read him a Transformers book immediately. I told them they have to play for a while because I need to “work on the computer.” They have since moved out to the lanai and I can hear T.Puzzle crying already. If they can get through the next five minutes without serious injury, either physical or emotional, they may eventually agree upon a shared game or activity and give me twenty minutes of peace. Otherwise, I will have to break my credo of no TV before we leave for our morning activity and put on Sesame Street. There is nothing “street” about it. That’s why I love it. It is extremely non-aggressive and educational. It does not increase the level of testosterone in my home and they learn the letter of the day. Since Full Speed is approaching five, he would much prefer Transformers or The Fast and the Furious (thanks to Mad Dog’s encouragement) so I don’t know how much longer I can use the Sesame Street option. I would choose it until they are in college if I could get away with it.

So far I’ve told Full Speed seven times to “go play!” He is a persistent little guy. He’s back already showing me a car that he is convinced he got for his birthday last year. It isn’t but it’s easier to play along. “Gee, love that car you got for your birthday last year, now, GO PLAY!”

Even though there are challenges to completing a blog post every day, I’m loving it. If I had ten small children climbing all over my lap, I would find a way to type out my thoughts. I noticed that I had some views yesterday of one of my posts. It was exciting but I’m pretty certain it was all people I know who are being polite. Thank you and thank you.

My Aunt Perky had visited the site and said she was enjoying my blog so far and to keep up the good work. Ironically, this made me so, so sad. She was giving me the feedback that only a Mom would give. I’m glad to have an aunt that can step in to the place that my Mom used to have in my life, but it doesn’t make me miss my Mom any less. I’m guessing my Mom would have loved that I’m doing this. Unfortunately that’s all it is, just a guess.

FYI, T.Puzzle and Full Speed are playing cars at the kitchen table now, albeit a violent, crashing car game. They CAN entertain themselves, may wonders never cease.

2 thoughts on “Mom’s the Word”

  1. I think it is fabulous that you are posting! there are so many and my goal today is to get back at the man for not throwing me a bday party at work (like they do for everyone else…hmmmhmm i think the office manager is to blame but this but that is another story) and anyway I am going to out my efforts into diving right in and seeing how many of your post I can read! I just love them 🙂 and I feel like I am learning even more and more about you everyday…and I love that especially since you and I are now cross country from each other. I think this is great and I think you are great and I think it is great that the boys finally went to play in the kitchen!

    1. I’m glad I can be of help and be your entertainment. How rude not to acknowledge your birthday!! You are fabulous and should be celebrated!! Happy Birthday to you (imagine Frick and Frack singing it to you!). What are the big plans for the day??

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