The Bonds of Brotherly Love

p8192968I’m curious, if you go to the Chick-fil-a drive thru for some chicken strips, does that cancel out your morning Zumba class? I sure hope not.

I want to make something clear before I continue my blog. I know it seems like there is much tension between T.Puzzle and Full Speed and myself, which there is, however, there is also an underlying current of love. We may not always show it in our thoughts and actions, but it is always, always there.

I must confess, when I decided to have T.Puzzle a huge motivator for this was so I could have a built-in playmate for my very hyperactive always-in-need of entertainment Full Speed. At the 20 week mark of my pregnancy when Mad Dog and I discovered that T.Puzzle was a boy I was elated. Two boys would get along marvelously, right?


The first two years of introducing T.Puzzle into our home were disaster-filled to say the least. Full Speed beat on T.Puzzle relentlessly and I could never, ever leave them alone unsupervised. Full Speed could have cared less if T.Puzzle was around or not. Instead, he focused on voicing his displeasure at my decision for adding to the family by increasing the frequency and intensity of his already legendary tantrums. I was in awe that he could do so. I thought we had reached the ceiling of limits in terms of his tantrum power. Full Speed was proving otherwise.

In recent weeks I have noticed a softening of Full Speed towards T.Puzzle. It has been subtle. I think Full Speed is finally enjoying being the “big” brother and likes to show T.Puzzle how to do stuff. T.Puzzle is also becoming more compliant in terms of his ability to follow Full Speed’s commands. Full Speed loves anyone who follows his commands.

Last night, after T.Puzzle’s story time (Full Speed helps pick out the story and listens along and last night was about dinosaurs), I told T.Puzzle to kiss his brother good night. Full Speed stood up and announced, “T.Puzzle, come here for a hug!” They hugged so tightly I thought someone was going to pop a blood vessel. Full Speed said, “I love you, T.Puzzle!” And T.Puzzle mirrored back the sentiment.

My heart was full last night. Maybe they will be friends after all.

1 thought on “The Bonds of Brotherly Love”

  1. awwwwwwww…that is so sweet. They will be. I can not imagine that they will not be the best of friends. They have so much energy and as they get older they will have one another to plot against mom!!! hahahah. Just kidding…but really they will continue to get closer and closer and I know you already know 🙂

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