Tae Kwon Oh No! Part Two

My family has a secret. Okay, it’s not entirely a secret to you since I have posted about it before. It’s a secret to some because the boys’ Tae Kwon Do instructor is unaware that T.Puzzle is not potty-trained. I suppose we have approached it as a Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell situation. The instructor assumed he was potty-trained and we never have said nor done anything to have him believe otherwise.

It’s really not a huge deal. I just make sure T.Puzzle has a clean pull-up on before he starts class and we are usually able to make it through without incident. I have to admit that I feel kind of uncomfortable when the instructor comments on why it’s no fun to be a baby. He’ll ask “Why don’t we like babies?” to the class and they answer “Because they cry, sir! Because they are stinky, sir!” These statements describe T.Puzzle to a tee. He does in fact cry and more often than not is stinky. Oh well.

During a recent class, T.Puzzle was having some adjustment issues with his pull-up. As you know by now, the Tae Kwon Do uniform is complicated. I can easily understand that a pull-up may ride up your little behind when wearing one. So, throughout the class, T.Puzzle kept grabbing and yanking on his pull-up. The instructor assumed it’s because T.Puzzle needed to use the potty. The instructor looked to me to do something. I grabbed T.Puzzle and headed to the nearest restroom which, now that I think about it, was actually labeled as the men’s room. Oh well, again.

Since his diaper was dry and he was grinning at me from ear to ear, there wasn’t much to be done. We stayed in there what I thought seemed like an appropriate amount of time. I asked if he needed to go potty. He said, “All done!” as usual without doing anything toilet-related. He leaned over, gave me a big hug and smooch and kept on grinning. He was enjoying this little private break from class with his Mommy. He may not be potty-trained but he is damned cute!

4 thoughts on “Tae Kwon Oh No! Part Two”

  1. yeah I think he wanted a break and to have some mom time 🙂 that is so funny! well I agree with the don’t ask don’t tell…no sense in having the instructor make him feel uncomfortbale…even though his comments may be doing that already??? does Frick ever ask you about those comments after class?

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