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The Dog and the Dinosaur

I had a phone conversation with my Dad last night. I don’t want to air all our dirty laundry but I will say that the conversation was not good. You throw the rawness of losing my Mom on top of it and it was headed for calamity right from the get-go.

After I abruptly and not very graciously ended the phone call, I headed out to our lanai to take a deep breath and work through how upset I felt. Mad Dog came out and tried to console me. He seemed a little scared though, like I might turn the anger roiling inside me onto him. He’s right you know. I do that sometimes. Mad Dog is a much safer person to let loose my family dysfunction on. I know that he is stuck with me for life (by his own choosing so don’t feel too sorry for him) and therefore I sometimes don’t treat him as nicely as I should.

The hesitant counseling session with Mad Dog was helping me but only slightly. Full Speed came out to see why his Mommy was so upset. He said, “I know what will make you feel better!” As if it was so obvious. As if he has all the answers in the world locked away in that four year old brain of his. He left and returned with his plastic dinosaur that I purchased at Wal-Mart for him the previous day and his beloved doggie blanket that he has had since infancy and dearly loves.

He promptly hands them over to me and says, “Here you go; now you will feel all better.” And not surprisingly, I did. I really, really did. Thank you Full Speed, I love you!

1 thought on “The Dog and the Dinosaur”

  1. omg…that is so sweet…sorry to hear the conversation didn’t go well…all I can say is that I hope it gets better with your dad or at the very least easier.

    On a slightly different note, since the wedding…my dad and I have talked every week and he is a completely different person…my same old dad only better.

    I feel love form him again like I am not sure I have ever felt, it is different.

    Frack is a doll…he learns that nurturing quality from his mama! and I know how he loves that doggie blanket, and to share it with you makes me feel like he passes on the comfort it gives him to you. He is very smart and very selfless. I am sure you are so proud.

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