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The Rookie

It’s official, my blog is good. How do I know this? Mad Dog’s Nan told me so. She said I have a best-seller on my hands. If Nan says it, then it is so!

Mad Dog took yesterday off from work (and thank you to Mad Dog’s colleagues who are my regular readers; he’s a brave man to allow you this peek into a small window of our lives!). He claims it’s because my birthday is this weekend. I am inclined to believe it has a little something to do with the NFL kick-off (starring his beloved Steelers) that went late into the night on Thursday and so he can mentally prepare himself for the Ohio State vs. USC game on Saturday. He loves the Buckeyes even more than he loves the Steelers. Hey, a day off is a day off. I’ll take it no matter the circumstance.


In theory, Mad Dog was going to make drop-off of the boys easier for me yesterday. I think Moms fall into this trap sometimes of believing that someone other than ourselves can do our job in our overly micro-managed way. This isn’t always possible. We Moms have to let go of some control and realize that if something is done a different way than our normal routine, we need to be thankful that it is done at all. Therefore, I was glad to have the extra muscle when dropping off T.Puzzle who has been challenging to get to his classroom due to his screaming and kicking.

When we get the boys to the school, we head into the lobby. I go over to the sign-in area to write in the time the boys are being dropped off. While I’m doing this, Mad Dog sees the door is open to the classrooms and holds it. He tells the boys (who are messing around) to head to their rooms. I tell him to hurry up because…. and even before I finish the sentence, the piercing door alarm goes off. You have to have lightning quick reflexes to get in the door before the whole world knows of your arrival.

I turn to the receptionist and simply say, “Rookie!” She smiles a knowing smile. She’s seen other Dads do the exact same thing countless times.

We head to T.Puzzle’s room first. He immediately starts screaming “No!” and hurls himself into a limp heap on the floor. Mad Dog tries to reason with him. I know that is not going to work.

“Pick him up and carry him!” I shout over the screaming. Mad Dog scoops him up and manages to peel him off and place him with his class. We exit as quickly as possible. Of course Mad Dog is amazed that Full Speed’s drop off is nearly flawless. He still remembers when Full Speed was in his terrible twos and the difficulties we used to have with him at drop off. Times have changed. I’m glad Mad Dog is getting to see this slice of life with the boys.

We head to the exit and before I can say ‘press the green exit button’ Mad Dog swings the door open and the alarm goes off. Again.

I look at the receptionist. She looks at me and says, “Rookie!”

We both smile. We all were rookies once.

3 thoughts on “The Rookie”

  1. Diana – your blog never fails to make me laugh. Maybe because I am on the “other side” of having small children, and can remember the “good old days.” (?)
    I am also impressed that you can keep this blog going day after day – with interesting and funny things to say each day.

    1. That’s the great thing about the blog, it forces me to creatively assess my every day and it helps me see the immediate humor. That’s nice because some days don’t seem so funny while you are living them. I am enjoying this process so much and will keep it going as long as it feels fresh and feels like it feeds my creativity. I am not only enjoying the writing but adding in the photos as well. Photography is a fun hobby of mine, too. Keep reading and I hope, keep laughing (watch out for the sad posts, there in there, too!).

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