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Don’t Shoot

Could someone please explain to me that while it was Full Speed that went under the knife, I’m the one who is not recovering very well? I’m tired and cranky. I need a nap. Unfortunately, I’m the only one in my house that does.

Full Speed has been a chock full of energy and back to his old self. He has started in with his million and one questions per day quota and has again been asking me to spell out everything. I love that he is curious about letters and spelling but is it necessary for me to spell ‘Incredible Hulk’ ten times a day? At least I know he is feeling good. His eye looks great and he only took Tylenol twice post-op. I couldn’t ask for more.

I have both boys with me today and I decided that we should stay close to home to give Full Speed some more recovery time. I am writing this in the eleventh hour of my very long day wishing Mad Dog would hurry up and get home.

The good news is the boys are already bathed. I did separate baths because I wanted to keep the bathing environment more controlled for Full Speed’s post-surgery eyeball. While I was bathing T.Puzzle, Full Speed kept running in and out of the closet shouting, “HERE I AM!” I could tell his energy level was on the verge of exploding so I tried my best to ignore him (I want him as calm as possible so that he may heal well). It did not matter if I paid attention or not, he continued this nonsense for a solid ten minutes. The plus was that I always knew exactly where he was.

After T.Puzzle was bathed and P.J.ed and while I was dressing Full Speed post bath, he informed me that he was glad T.Puzzle was borrowing his Cars pajamas. Full Speed has sort of lost interest in the Cars characters as he gets older and he likes to share his Cars clothing with T.Puzzle.  I complimented Full Speed on what a thoughtful big brother he was. I told him he was an excellent sharer. He got quiet and thoughtful for a minute. “When I have my birthday and get a gun for a present can I share it with T.Puzzle?” This may be the one instance where sharing could backfire in a major way.

Sometimes it’s easier to agree than fight his thought process. I was thankful at least he was willing to share his firearm. He will be the most thoughtful gangster on the block.


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