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Orange You Someone I Know?

Since Full Speed’s surgery he hasn’t been allowed on the playground at his school. At morning recess time he heads down to the three year old classroom while the rest of his class goes outside. For the second recess in the afternoon, I have been picking him up beforehand so he doesn’t have to feel like he is missing out twice in one day. So far it’s working out great. This is good because he has a least three more weeks of no outside play assuming all continues to go well with the second eye surgery and recovery.

When I picked up Full Speed today, I was early of course and the class was running a little late. They were in the midst of finishing their afternoon snack of pretzels. Full Speed  wanted to stay longer because they had made jello with orange soda that morning and they were going to eat the finished, chilled product now. I wanted him to partake in the jello madness so T.Puzzle and I hung out with Full Speed’s class for a few minutes.

Full Speed was as proud as a peacock to have his Mommy there during snack. I appreciate at this age having Mom around is super-cool. It will be a sad day when I inevitably became super-uncool. So, I soaked in his excitement and talked with his friends.

At their tables they have their names spelled out so they know where to sit. I started to refer to them by name and they were amazed. I said, “Jacob, your jello looks delicious.” Jacob’s eyes grew wide with wonder.

“How do you know my name?” he asked.

“Well, it’s written right here on your table. See?” I leaned over to point out his name and proceeded to spell it out loud. “J-A-C-O-B.” As I said each letter I pointed to it.

I still had them all stumped. I guess when you aren’t technically a reader yet, anyone that reads, spells or says your name without really knowing you is mysterious.

“You can SPELL my name, too? How’d you do that?” he couldn’t believe my magical powers.

Eventually, I gave in to their adorable delusion and told them I was in fact psychic and knew things that no one else did. I proceeded to go around the room and work everyone’s name into a classroom discussion about orange jello. They each laughed and giggled as I said their names. Very, very cute.

Ultimately, I predicted that everyone would eat their jello and it would be delicious. Not surprisingly, I nailed it.


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