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Dying to Get Started

We are in the pre-op prep room waiting for them to take Full Speed to the OR. He’s had what they call ‘happy juice’ to calm him and he is loopy. The nurse comes to check to make sure his left eye is correctly dotted. He is snuggled in the boat on wheels they use to transport the patients.

The nurse peers over the side and looks at his eye. “It’s dilating nicely,” she says.

Full Speed misunderstands her. “Am I dying?” he asks.

“No, no, sweetie. She said ‘dilate’ not ‘dying’,” I say.

He cracks up like it’s the silliest thing he’s ever heard. We all laugh and the tension in the room floats away in a humorous bubble. It feels good to smile when in such a serious setting.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. I know my Mom would have completely agreed.

1 thought on “Dying to Get Started”

  1. awww lol that is kinda funny that he said that and laughed. I am glad there was laughter too on this very serious and I am sure trying day for you and your family.

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