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Oh Where Oh Where Did Little T.Puzzle Go?

Where oh WhereMost parents experience this. The time in a child’s development when they master opening doors and (the horror!) their subsequent locks. T.Puzzle is certainly there. For several months now he has been able to open and close doors. Especially the ones that are a single, long handle that you push or pull up and down (kids figure these kind out right quick). He is on the fringe of figuring out the locks on all of our doors, too. Unfortunately, the lock to our front door is a breeze to open. It’s a deadbolt that you simply turn a dial and ‘poof!’ the door is open and you are outside.

T.Puzzle has been threatened within an inch of his life that he is never, ever to leave the house on his own. He is always suppose to wait for Mom before he exits into the world. He has tested this threat on more than one occasion only to find himself in time-out and losing the privilege of the moment (a car, a blanket, or whatever else has caught his fancy). He’s learned to leave the door alone. At least while under my watch.

Yesterday in the late morning I was upstairs showering. During this time T.Puzzle plotted and had attempted an escape through the front door. Mad Dog gave me the full report and T.Puzzle soon realized that even when Dad is watching him, he is required to stay indoors under supervision (I know, what a bummer!).

Later in the evening Mad Dog and I were watching some television downstairs and had put a show on up in our loft for the boys to watch. At some point, Full Speed slinks down and shimmies in between us. He relishes time with both of us without his little brother present. We all watched an episode of ‘Cake Boss’ which is oddly fascinating and kid-friendly (the fire engine cake was spectacular).

It grows quiet upstairs. All we can hear are the cartoon sounds from the television. I turn to Full Speed, “What was your brother doing up there when you came down?”

“I don’t know.” It’s obvious from his tone that he isn’t concerned about anything his brother is or isn’t doing.

“Someone should check on him,” I say.

Mad Dog shouts up, “T.Puzzle, what are you doing?”

Silence is our only answer.

I’m starting to get nervous wondering if he decided to go for an unannounced late evening stroll. I’m hoping he hasn’t unlocked the front door and gone outside.

“T.Puzzle, are you up there?” I ask hoping to hear at least some movement even if I don’t get an answer.

Then Full Speed shouts, “T.Puzzle, are you here?”

Then out of the blue T.Puzzle shouts, “No!”

Everyone laughs. Here’s the thing, if we can hear you answer the question of your whereabouts, odds are you are in close proximity to us no matter how much you try to deny it.

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