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Snuggies for All

Poor T.Puzzle. He does not feel well at all. Unfortunately this has meant that Mad Dog and I have allowed him to sleep with us for three consecutive nights. No one is getting good sleep. T.Puzzle especially likes to kick Mad Dog intermittently and in inopportune areas. We are all exhausted.

Yesterday T.Puzzle and I stayed home so he could recuperate (me, too!). Mad Dog had gone deep sea fishing with the guy relatives and Full Speed was at Grandma’s with his boy cousins. When Mad Dog returned with Full Speed, he brought his birthday presents from his family. One of these presents was an Ohio State Snuggie. I’m sure you are familiar with the Snuggie as it has turned into a national phenomenon sold in Walgreens across America. For some reason, Full Speed is absolutely obsessed with Snuggies. When we see them out he has to list what kind each of his family member should have (mine would be pink in case you are wondering). When Full Speed realized his Dad not only had a Snuggie but it was an OSU one as well, he couldn’t wait to try it on and model it for everyone.

Soon we are off to bed, the Snuggie will stay downstairs and we hope against all hope that T.Puzzle will make it through the night in his own room. Our mental and physical health depends on this.

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