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Christmas Wishes

Mad Dog’s car is finally fixed. It was a bum battery. It was a lengthy process but eventually he has a new battery free of charge because of his vehicle’s warranty. I’m so glad it was the battery and not operator error. I never would have lived it down if I had in any way caused harm to his beloved convertible.

While Mad Dog was tackling the car problem, I took Skee, my nieces, Soccer Girl and Sparkle, along with Baby D to the spa for some mani/pedis. The girls were so, so cute and Baby D was surprisingly cooperative. He sat on Skee’s lap while she had her pedicure and was an angel. I’m glad it was such a success and that the girls seemed happy with their freshly painted nails.

To cap off the day, when we picked up the boys from school, we headed to the same studio where we had our recent family portrait sitting. There was a Christmas special where Santa comes and has a personal visit with your family for pictures and stuff. Up to this point, Baby D has been very attached to Skee and cries whenever I hold him (he has since warmed up to me considerably). However, when Santa came, Baby D sat in awe and smiled like a champ. He was completely mesmerized by the man in the red suit. It was the cutest thing and yet, it hurt my ego just a tad. He won’t let his dear old aunt hold him but a stranger with a pot-belly and white beard is perfectly acceptable. Oh, well.

When it was Full Speed’s turn to tell Santa his Christmas wishes it went something like this: guns and swords. You know, peace on earth and all that.

I am having a wonderful time with my sister and her family. Seems like Santa already cared for my wish.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes”

    1. I’m sending the link out with all the photos next. The funny part was after he kept talking about guns and swords, he melted when Santa handed him a tiny, stuffed pony. He likes violence I guess, as long as no stuffed animals have to suffer.

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