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Reason for the Season

Despite all the holiday commotion, I managed to squeeze in T.Puzzle’s three year wellness check-up. It went exactly as I thought it would…., horrible. First of all he’s in good health so that wasn’t the problem, it was his behavior. Going in I figured I had a 50/50 shot of him being compliant and the odds didn’t fall in my favor. He was so defiant when the nurse tried to evaluate his vision and hearing she decided to ‘pass until his four year check-up’. So as of right now the pediatrician has no quantifiable evidence that T.Puzzle has the ability to see or hear.

After a few level 8 meltdowns and much cajoling on my part, T.Puzzle successfully completed the rest of the exam. Praise the Lord there were no booster shots this time around! I don’t think we would have made it through unless one of the shots included some form of sedation (for him not me…., well, beggars can’t be choosers, really).

So, my T.Puzzle is healthy and my Full Speed is growing up fast. He had the opportunity to go to ‘work’ with Mad Dog. He took it very seriously. He was dressed to the nines and had his work bag packed with books, games and some cars. He knew the weight of his father’s job rested on his shoulders (apparently he had to take several breaks when he was at the office obviously feeling the pressure). He was very proud to ‘help’ his Dad.

On the way home from work they stopped at the mall where you can ride the train (you all know it’s my favorite) and they picked out some ornaments for me and T.Puzzle. Mine was personalized and said I was the ‘Best Mom’. Even though most days I don’t feel anywhere near my best, it helps when you have someone like your own child who believes in you. No matter the season, reason or temperament, I am loved.

2 thoughts on “Reason for the Season”

  1. Glad to hear the check-ups went well. Frack looks so great in his business clothes. I bet he had a great time at work!

    1. Thanks again for all your comments. Please check out my blog soon. I know you do it in spurts but I posted a special thank you to you for all your enthusiasm and support of my little creative endeavor. I really appreciate you and miss you!

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