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Goodnight Smooches

As the evening is coming to a close for the boys, if Mad Dog is home, I head to my green leather chair in our master bedroom. Mad Dog gets the boys set up with a show or movie and I get a few minutes to journal. The boys are used to this routine and when their actual bedtime arises, they know to find me in my journaling chair for a goodnight ‘hug and mooch’ (as T.Puzzle likes to say). You would think this would seem fairly typical. With my boys typical is a word that doesn’t always apply.

First, T.Puzzle comes in without wearing any pants or even a pull-up. Apparently he made a u-turn on his way to getting his nighttime pull-up. He leans in for a ‘mooch’.

“Good night, T.Puzzle. And I love your pants by the way,” I say.

He turns and exits and his little cheeks are bared for the whole world to see. “Tanks, Mommy,” is his way of thanking me for the compliment. He heads out the door to find Mad Dog and put on his pants (at least I hope that is what happened).

Then, it is Full Speed’s turn. Lately my new nickname has been Agent Juarez (a guinea pig from the children’s movie, G-Force). Full Speed is Agent Blaster.

“Hi, Agent Juarez. Will you marry me?”

“Of course Agent Blaster.”

Full Speed leans in for a kiss and declares us “married”. He is quite serious about it and a tiny smile creeps over his face. It’s obvious he is feeling nothing but love for his Mom. He grabs me with both arms and squeezes me tight.

“Goodnight, Mom. See you tomorrow.” And he’s off with a dash.

In my five years of motherhood I have seen and heard a lot. I still marvel at the fact my boys manage to bring something different to our daily rituals and routines. This is one of the many reasons that no matter what, I have one of the best jobs on the planet.

2 thoughts on “Goodnight Smooches”

  1. I read all of these yesterday on my phone but I could not leave comments for some reason so here goes: 🙂

    This is such an adorable story!!! aww they are so sweet.

    Agent Juarez is super fitting for you!!!
    I love it!

    1. Frack is funny, too. He sometimes mistakenly will call me his ‘life’ instead of wife. So today he left with Mad Dog and comes up to me and says, ‘Goodbye my life,’ and smooches me.

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