If They are Alive, All is Well

The only thing worse than being sick, is having to take care of a sick kid while you don’t feel well yourself. I have contracted what T.Puzzle had and it has manifested as body aches, sore throat and a double ear-ache. I slept a ton yesterday and went to bed early. I was woke up at around eleven p.m. as I heard a desperate, screaming Full Speed. I was so out of it but connected the dots quickly as Mad Dog brought him stripped down to our room.

“Did he puke?” I ask.

“Yep,” is all Mad Dog says.

It takes a lot of effort but I get myself up to lend a hand. I’m heading to his room to start cleaning. Since I feel so gross myself, I am unable to begin. The smell is overwhelming and normally, as a Mom, I have a stomach of steel, but since I don’t feel well myself, my stomach is a quivering mess. I must give props to Mad Dog, he dealt with the clean-up and I dealt with Full Speed.

I showered him, changed his pjs and made a makeshift bed of a sleeping bag, towels and bowl right next to me. He was pretty shook up but drifted to sleep quickly.

I still feel awful and am barely functional. Mad Dog is in charge. As long as my kids are alive, all is well.

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