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Dancing Socks

I have obviously not been performing at my normal peak Mommy-level. Here are a couple techniques that I have utilized to get me through until my optimum health returns.

If your child refuses to wear plain looking socks because they have become accustomed to socks with their favorite Disney movie characters on them, it is your job to exaggerate the plain socks unique qualities.

T.Puzzle has an abundance of Lightning McQueen socks and his personal laundress (me) has fallen behind on keeping them clean. Today, he had to wear plain ol’ navy and white socks. I told them they were his ‘basketball’ socks and they were ‘supercool’. It worked. Socks with stripes are ‘racing’ ones, green socks are ‘army’ ones and so on and so forth. For whatever the reason, works like a charm.

As for keeping Full Speed entertained while he was home for the holiday and being unable to get out as much as we wanted due to all our assorted illnesses, towards the end, we hit kind of a wall. He would insist on watching a program and then five minutes into it start kicking his brother, jump on the sofa or elbow me in the ribcage (purportedly on accident).

The show that ended up keeping him riveted to his seat? A fitness program Mad Dog had read about and DVRed for me. I honestly don’t think it was the fitness instruction that kept his attention. Could it be the spandex or the incredibly fit women wearing the spandex? I didn’t care, it gave us some peace. Apparently five year old boys love womens’ fitness television shows.

And those, my lucky readers are your tips of the day. Now go put on some ‘dancing’ socks and have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Socks”

  1. hahaha soo funny!!! onthe subject of socks-once when I was a young girl (maybe 4 or 5?) I tried to put on everysock in my sock drawer. the fact that my foot kept getting bigger and bigger resembled a monster or teddy bear foot and I laughed and continued on until I just could not getting another sock on. This was when my mom walked in and saw me…yikes! The look on her face let me know I did something wrong. As I peeled off the socks to put back in my drawer I realize some were so much BIGGER than before. This could not be right! and so I had to wear loose socks that I just hated and never ever again put on more than one pair of socks until I moved to Wisconsin and went ice fishing for the first time! LOL

    1. That’s a good story. I would hate loose socks, too. Unfortunately, you need to double up sometimes in Wisconsin.

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