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Three Sheets

I had started to function a little better. I no longer had body aches, my fever was gone and I was sleeping less during the day. All signs that I am on the road to recovery.

Yet, it didn’t feel quite good enough. There still was some missing piece of good health that I was unable to find. My ears and throat were still sore and aching and I fatigued quite easily (some call that motherhood).  Oh, and I had acquired massive cold sores that now covered my upper AND lower lips (ouch!). They are super-attractive, too.

When I woke up and told Mad Dog that I was better but would most likely need another three hour nap that afternoon, he said enough is enough. Off to urgent care you go. Yuck.

I was so out of it I forgot my license when I registered at the walk-in clinic’s front desk. My subsequent evaluation by the P.A. determined I had no serious infection. Instead, my sinuses are seriously messed up. They are so swollen they are putting pressure on my ear canals and throat, thus the incessant pain. I was prescribed a nasal steroid and an OTC decongestant with pain-reliever. Give it a week the P.A. said, and see how it goes.

I hope it goes well. Since Mad Dog is basing my health on how much wine I’m consuming (which as of late has been none), I hope that soon I am back to my old self and three sheets to the wind.

4 thoughts on “Three Sheets”

    1. It’s a slow process. It’s hard to take it easy with so much to do all the time. I think by next week I’ll be feeling much better. Thanks.

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