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Another Day, Another Vitamin

I may not do a lot of things consistently when it comes to the boys nutrition, but I am religious about giving them a daily multi-vitamin. Since I have been frequenting my local Walgreens due to my family’s varying degrees of illness, I remembered to pick up a fresh supply of children’s vitamins. There wasn’t much of a selection so I grabbed the largest one I could find that happened to be Flintstones Gummy vitamins. I had grown up consuming the hard, candy-like chewable variety of Flintstones and I had a fleeting wave of nostalgia overcome me. The next day I didn’t think twice as I passed around the Flintstones. I grabbed a couple and popped them in my mouth. I was quite surprised to realize they were like rubber cement. I could barely gnash and gnarl my way through them. I look up and see little T.Puzzle has one in his mouth and is fighting his way through it. His face is red, his fists are clenched and he is grunting like a crazy ape.

“These are hard to chew,” I manage to sputter out.

“No they’re not,” states Full Speed.  “All you have to do is swallow them whole.”

My heart drops to my shoes. My mind immediately races to the thought that these vitamins are a serious choking hazard. I thought the whole idea of a multi-vitamin was to preserve and protect my children’s health not endanger it.

Needless to say when I was at Target today I stocked up on loads and loads of SOFT, chewy vitamins. No worries dear readers, T.Puzzle and Full Speed will live to see another day.

2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Vitamin”

    1. It was hilarious to see Frick struggling to chew them. He was so red in the face I thought he was going to pass out.

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