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Funny Full Speed

I had agreed a couple days prior to meet some friends and their kids at the movie theater in the evening to see “The Spy Next Door”. Mad Dog was planning on watching a football game and had done so much while I’ve been sick, I wanted to take the boys out to give him a break from us (let’s just say that I have been less than pleasant to be around as of late).

The movie was just okay but Full Speed’s reactions to the fight sequences were the stuff of which legends are made. My girlfriends and I were cracking up at him as he leapt about, shouting, karate-chopping and kicking with whole-hearted enthusiasm. His energy was contagious and since T.Puzzle only gave me minor attitude at the theater, I ended up enjoying the experience immensely. Thank you, Full Speed.

When it was over I linked hands with both boys and headed to the truck. To get my boys loaded, I always start with T.Puzzle’s side, and then while he is climbing in, I get Full Speed seated and buckled.

Since it was pitch black outside except for the intermittent, humming parking lot lights, little T.Puzzle asked if we could go see Christmas lights. Try explaining that the holiday season is over to an unpredictable, moody three year old who has their heart set on ‘Christmas lights!’. It didn’t go well. He was so mad he refused to climb in his car-seat when I opened his door.

“Well, I guess T.Puzzle is just going to get run over, then,” says Full Speed nonchalantly.

That made me laugh all the way home.

2 thoughts on “Funny Full Speed”

    1. He is so highly entertaining. I try to take a step back and enjoy the nonsense because there is a never-ending supply.

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