children, humor, mommyhood

I Forgot

I had wrangled the boys up from school and we were on our way out. The receptionist is a kind woman and since I am constantly craving adult conversation, when she made a comment about the weather I was more than happy to chit-chat with her. It seems that I forgot myself for a moment. I guess I thought I was an independent entity that can make my way in the world (or chit-chat) without consequence.

Before I realize what is happening (believe me this happened in a matter of seconds), Full Speed has T.Puzzle in a chokehold, leaps up with T.Puzzle in his arms and lands artfully on top of him. Hence, a crazy, out-of-control wrestling match in the school’s entryway has begun.

The receptionist is stunned into silence. Eventually, she manages to say, “Whoa, guys. Sure is a lot of testosterone on the loose here.”

A semi-circle of spectators has formed around them and I believe even some surreptitious wagers took place (i.e. – ‘my money’s on the little guy!’).

I shrug my shoulders. It was my own fault to think my boys could exhibit the comportment of well-mannered children without my constant supervision.

I never did get to finish my conversation with the receptionist but I made twenty bucks. I’m not telling who won the match, but dinner was on him that night.

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