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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Broccoli of Times

It seems little T.Puzzle is showing signs that he is headed toward catching on to this potty-training business. I’m trying to find the balance of pushing him (basically calling him out on his crocodile tears) and trying not to make the potty a huge power struggle that I will ultimately lose.

He hadn’t pooped at school or into the evening. As we began our day he still had kept his pants clean. I decided to strip him of all pants and undergarments because I know this is a technique to help kids learn when they have to go. I figured we would stick around home, I would pump him full of food, put him on the potty periodically and eventually something would happen.

I had T.Puzzle sitting on the toilet for one of his periodic opportunities and I decided to fold a basket of laundry. My thinking was that if I wasn’t hovering over him, he might be more inclined to go. Once the laundry was folded, I’d let him get down from the potty and take it from there.

I’m folding up the last shirt when I hear him began to wail. He is obviously upset as he comes booking out of the bathroom.

“Broccoli came out my butt!” he cries. Tears are rolling down his sad face which only emphasizes his distress. He has a hand clenching his backside as if in disbelief.

I rush to the bathroom and see that he has actually pooped. It’s tiny. And,… it’s green. It kind of does resemble broccoli.

I try to celebrate the amazing feat of getting his first poop in the potty. All he can focus on is that is was broccoli.

As I got him ready for naptime I said, “Keep your Thomas pants clean, okay?”

“Okay,” he said.

About twenty minutes into nap he starts wailing again. This time when I see him he yells, “Broccoli came out my butt, again!”

So, am I potty-training or is T.Puzzle simply hinting that he wishes to become a vegan?

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