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NoBunny’s Fault but My Own

Sometimes because my boys don’t have the sharpest vision, they’ll imagine they see things and I go along with it. They might imagine seeing a plane in the sky or an animal that isn’t there. That’s why whenever we drive a certain stretch of highway and little T.Puzzle says he sees ‘bunnies!’ when there are clearly none, I don’t get too concerned.

I had a lightbulb moment today. As we were taking a different route from our norm to my allergy shots, T.Puzzle looks out the window, sees a ‘Holiday Inn’ and shouts ‘bunnies!” I quickly made the connection that the other area of highway he thinks he sees bunnies has a ‘Holiday Inn’ as well.

This particular ‘Holiday Inn’ that he saw today was one a few months back I had off-handedly told Full Speed that the Easter Bunny resided. I was having one of those days where he was fixating on anything and everything and couldn’t let a darn thing go. He kept asking me all sorts of impossible and endless questions about the Easter Bunny. We happened to be right next to the ‘Holiday Inn’ and that’s when I said the Easter Bunny lived there. It worked. He curiosity was satisfied and I had some hard-won silence in my truck. I thought that was the end of it.

Now I realize that with this particular untruth (that sounds so much better than saying outright lie), I have dug myself a hole much like a bunny would.

I’m wondering if there are any rooms available next to the Easter Bunny. I really need a vacation.

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