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I was in the truck with Full Speed while Mad Dog ran into Office Max with little T.Puzzle. To pass the time, Full Speed  and I played some games. First, we had to look around us and find patterns and then we took a word and tried to rhyme it as many times as possible. The rhyming was going great. Full Speed shouts out, “Frog!”

I came up with, “Fog!”

In response I was expecting him to say log or dog. Instead he says, “Shmerce!” (rhymes with purse)


“What’s a ‘shmerce’?” I ask.

Without missing a beat he says, “It’s a kind of smoothie.”

It doesn’t even matter to him that the imaginary word schmerce is no where close to rhyming with fog either. I know oftentimes I am living in an alternate universe from Mad Dog, now I realize, my world is completely different from Full Speed’s, too.

What can I say? It’s a dog eat dog out there. Or as Full Speed would say, ‘ shmerce eat shmerce’.

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