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Mission to Mars

This is not an excuse, but I want to preface that the following exchange took place while on route to school. Getting out the door had been a circus-like endeavor and I was trying to focus on the nearby elementary school traffic. I can only do so much.

Full Speed: “Mom, what’s on Mars?”

Me: “There’s sand and desert.”

Full Speed: “Are there houses?”

Me: “No.”

Full Speed: “Do people live there?”

Me: “Not that we know of.”

Full Speed: “So you’re saying we don’t know them. Are they strangers then?”

Me: (exasperated tone) “No, they aren’t strangers. No one lives there.”

Full Speed: “So, there are houses, sand and desert but no people?”

Me: “Sure.”

I can blame the faulty government or our school’s curriculum. but really my children’s education is being threatened by my own low-threshold of exasperation. I sometimes say what I say just to get through my day. Houses on Mars, Easter Bunnies who reside at the Holiday Inn, who knows what I will say next?

3 thoughts on “Mission to Mars”

  1. I have been getting for quite some time….
    Who made us?
    Who made the earth?

    See where this is going?

    I usually start out by saying, “some people think X and some people think Z…..”.

    1. I think that is a great approach. I will try it out. The more he learns that there are several paths from A to B, the more I hope it helps him develop a balanced view of the world. It was so great to chat with you.

  2. I am not sure I think there is anything really wrong with what you said. I think when kids are young they have a certain perspective especially about many holidays and perhaps it is more fun or entertaining to have these visions. Eventually I feel the truth comes out and they are able to accept it right??

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