You’re Welcome

Do you have to work out if honestly you would rather stick a sharp object in your eyeball? Alas, no sharp objects in sight; when this post is done I’ll have to exercise. Here goes…

Almost every day we need to discuss who goes to school and work and who stays home. I have found that if I liken Full Speed’s schedule to Mad Dog’s, he is much more cooperative. Both he and Mad Dog go to work/school every day during the week while T.Puzzle (because he’s not fully grown like Full Speed) still has two, full days at home with Mom. The only one who gripes about this situation is little T.Puzzle on the three mornings a week he is required to attend school. It’s clearly an imperfect system but I keep trying.

As we are driving to school, Full Speed says “Dad and I go to school and work five days and stay home Tuesdays.”

I started to get a little concerned that he was misunderstanding the schedule.

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I was home on Tuesday and neither you or your Dad was there.”

“I said TWO days (Sat. and Sun.) not Tuesday!” he exclaims. Apparently exasperation can be a two-way street.

Ok, got it. Full Speed is perfectly in control and I, yet again, am fumbling to make sense of my world.

To make it up to him, I decided to compliment how incredibly handsome he looked. As he steps down from the truck I say, “You look so good today, Full Speed.”

I’m assuming he meant to say, ‘thanks’ but instead he replies, “You’re welcome.”

Now, if you know my husband, this sounds like something he would intentionally say.

Full Speed truly is his Daddy’s son.

So, this is the first official blog photo of Mad Dog. It had to be done. This picture is just too perfect and captures the essence of this post entirely. It’s from the recent day when Mad Dog took Full Speed to work with him.

All I can say is, ‘you’re welcome, ladies.’

Love you, Mad Dog!

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