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A First

Full Speed had another bad report from school. Make that a rotten report. Not only did he not listen when his teacher told him not to throw mulch on the playground; he launched a handful that hit a classmate in the face causing a cut on their eyeball (thankfully it turned out to be minor).

There are many firsts in a young life. The first time a baby smiles is pretty awesome. First steps and first words are pretty spectacular, too. Then there are the smaller milestones, like using a sippy cup, getting rid of a pacifier or being big enough to wear hand-me-down spider-man pjs that one of your favorite cousins gave you.

Firsts are sometimes the things that will keep an overwhelmed mother going. They carry enough sparkle to help you shine through the tedium and get you through your worst days.

However, if the first involves your child being the only classmate to receive a red mark (bad) on the day a brand-new behavior charting system is implemented at school, you kind of want to curl up in a corner and hope that no one can see you. I think I did for a moment close my eyes and hope that like a child, if I couldn’t see the world, the world couldn’t see me. What I wouldn’t have given for some invisibility spray.

To compound an already strained situation, the boys were awful at Tae Kwon Do. Little T.Puzzle ended up disgraced and unceremoniously placed in time-out AND Full Speed lost his belt when his poor behavior report was read at the conclusion of class.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or simply shut my eyes again.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day. Maybe my boys will be perfectly well-behaved. There’s always a first, right?

3 thoughts on “A First”

  1. Hang in there. If we were prepared for bad behavior and knew when it was going to happen, would it be easier? Or would we worry ourselves. The boys are still Frack and Frick and all that entails. Bad behavior is just a moment. Life is full of surprises.

    1. Thank you. Motherhood is certainly all about the good, the bad and the ugly. I have many good moments, too. I suppose it will all balance out at some point.

  2. All I guess I can say is that everyday will hold challenges and some are more challenging than others. You always handle everything so well. I think at times those charts at school are good/bad. I am not sure if those red marks really mean anything to kids but more so to the parents and I am not sure I agree with pointing this out to fellow parents. I am not really sure about all of the grading of behavior since I do not have any kiddos yet but definitely am curious.

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