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Full Speed Attacks

We had my friends over for the Superbowl. The boys were certain they were coming only to see them. Full Speed asked obsessively throughout the day when they would arrive. When the doorbell finally rang at 5:00, both boys cheered and ran to the door. Before he knew it, my friend’s husband was designated as Full Speed’s new wrestling partner. While he was sitting watching the game, Full Speed  would back up a few feet, run full-tilt at him and hurl his little body. My friend’s hubby, who thankfully was up for all of this, would catch him with one arm and hold him up high over his head. Full Speed thought this was the best time ever.

While all this nonsense was going on, my friend and I were critiquing the fashions from the Grammy’s (can you sense how deeply invested we were in the Superbowl’s outcome?), and of course we had to mention Lady Gaga’s outrageous get-up. So the next time Full Speed launches himself in the air, my friend’s husband doesn’t quite fully catch him and he falls towards the ground. It appears as if he is going to scream some sort of curse word (I had my fingers crossed that it would be mild like ‘shoot’ or ‘ouch’) as he is sailing through the air. Instead of using a bad word he screams out “LA-DEE GAAAA_ GAAAAH!” and lands in a heap of giggles.

Next time you stub your toe or the like, try it out. It works like a charm, even if you aren’t wearing platform heels and a barbed-wire hat.

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