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So, I Did

Mad Dog is away for the week for a training and he left the boys “in charge” (this pretense drives me absolutely bananas by the way).  Full Speed takes this very seriously. Before he left for school he gave me a run-down of his expectations for me:

1. Make sure no strangers come into the house while he is at school.
2. Keep the door to his room closed so it stays ‘safe’.
3. Make sure no harm befalls our television.
4. Keep little T.Puzzle away from all his stuff. (I told him this would be my easiest task because T.Puzzle would be at school just like him; he was visibly relieved).

When he returned home he had a moment of unexpected empathy for me. “Mom, how was your day today?” he asked. I was so happy that he was actually interested in what I did. Most people aren’t that concerned about what a stay-at-home-Mom does with her day. I started to tell him and then I realized he wasn’t really asking about my day. He was asking if his expectations as head of the house had been fulfilled.

I told him that no one came in the house, his door stayed shut, the television was in one piece AND T.Puzzle didn’t touch anything.

“Good job, Mom. Now, give me a high-five.”

So, I did.

2 thoughts on “So, I Did”

    1. Frack cracks me up. He honestly thinks he is an adult. A leader adult at that. I can’t wait to see where this kid goes in life.

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