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The Best Kind

Every day our morning routine is the same. I walk in the boys’ room, open the shutters and hope that I have two, smiling faces staring back at me. Luckily, most of the time I do. Some days, not so much.

“I not go to school, today,” little T.Puzzle says every single morning. Even on the weekends he adamantly informs me he ‘stays home’.

Full Speed usually starts his day with an aggressive burst of energy. All I can say is ‘look out little T.Puzzle!’.

Today was no different. The usual arguments and demands descended on our morning.

By the time we were in the truck headed to school I gave my usual pep talk. 90% percent of the time I get a positive response so I expected only enthusiasm.

“Who’s ready to have a great day?” I asked with gusto.

Usually I get two, loud boys shouting “ME!”

Instead, all I got was silence. You could have heard a pin drop.

For some reason, that tickled my funny bone. Before I knew it we were all cracking up. That’s a great thing about motherhood (see, it’s not all stress and headaches), it can entertain you in unexpected ways. A laughing start to a day is the best kind there is.

3 thoughts on “The Best Kind”

    1. If I don’t take motherhood too seriously, which I’ve been known to do, there is so much humor to see right in front of me. If I take a deep breath and take a step back mostly I find something to laugh at. That’s so much nicer than crying, right?

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