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The Subtle Hint

We are all in our truck happy to be reunited as we travel along. Full Speed wants to play a game. He is thinking of a car and wants Mad Dog to guess what it is.

Mad Dog: “Corvette?”

Full Speed: “No!”

MD: “Dodge Viper?”

Full Speed: “No!”

MD: “Ferrari?”

Full Speed: “No!”

Mad Dog proceeds to list several of the usual suspects of Full Speed’s favorite kinds of cars. Full Speed is starting to get impatient but he closely guards the car’s identity.

This keeps going for quite some time with no end in sight. Little T.Puzzle joins in but honestly, he’s not very helpful. He keeps shouting “Thomas! (the Tank Engine) repeatedly at random intervals. This isn’t right of course, but it is kind of funny.

I feel bad for Mad Dog and sense Full Speed’s rising frustration so I join in and start adding to the ever-growing list of possible cars.

Still, no luck. It’s getting to the point of ridiculous.

Finally, Full Speed announces a clue.

Full Speed: “It has police lights on it.”

So much for subtlety.

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