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A Good Sight

This week I took Full Speed in for his eye check-up. It was almost entirely positive news. He has equal vision in both eyes and he tested a 20/60 which is his best testing to date. It is apparent to anyone who knows him that his vision has improved dramatically since his past two surgeries. It could always be better but where he is at right now is remarkable. He went from falling well within the parameters of being legally blind to now testing in the range that will allow him to drive. It is simply miraculous. I can’t even quite wrap my brain around the enormity of it.

We still have a few hills to climb but at least I know we are on the right path. I have done everything within my power to ensure Full Speed will have his best possible vision. I had to patch his stronger eye (his left) to improve his right eye’s vision starting at age two. Yeah, … imagine the blog posts that alone could have produced. There were days I practically had to sit on him to get the patch on and then hold him tight so he couldn’t rip it from his face. I’ve been by his side for endless doctor’s appointments, surgeries, attempts at wearing contacts, eye drops and endless rounds of broken glasses.

I wouldn’t change one bit of this journey. I appreciate his vision to the depths of my soul. I couldn’t do that if we hadn’t worked so hard for it.

He deserves every bit.

3 thoughts on “A Good Sight”

    1. Thank you! It’s nice when some of the hard work finally pays off and he is doing great.

  1. oh that is fantastic! I do know that you guys went through many trials and tribulations and I am so very happy that his vision has improved so drastically. That is just such wonderful news!

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