Two Minutes

I was in the process of picking up Full Speed from school when I realized St. Patty’s Day and their subsequent ‘green’ parties would soon be upon us. Today was the first day the sign-up sheets for the party were posted. Since little T.Puzzle doesn’t go to school every day, I had this sneaking suspicion that all the ‘easy’ items for the party (i.e.- napkins, utensils, or paper plates) would already be unavailable. So, I grab the boys and we book it down to T.Puzzle’s class to sign-up at least for something that would be kind of easy (i.e.-store bought cookies or cupcakes).

It was rainy outside and a class of younger kids were in the hall lined up singing songs. To prevent the boys from causing too much of a distraction, I tell them to sit on the floor about halfway down the hallway. That way I can see them while I talk to T.Puzzle’s teacher about what she needs for the party.

No sooner is my attention on the teacher for all of two minutes, I hear the tell-tale ruckus of a smackdown happening mid-hall. I look up and see T.Puzzle is on all fours while Full Speed is administering a half-nelson hold on him.

I quickly wrap up my conversation with the teacher (I landed on sandwiches, but am unsure how to make them green in color unless I let the ham get moldy), and walk with purpose towards my out-of-control children. I have to get all mean and stern (story of my life) and place them in opposite corners for time-outs (story of their lives).

I know where I went wrong. I got mean and stern after the fact. I mistakenly thought they could sit nicely for two minutes without being threatened with punishment.

Maybe someday I will be able to have a two minute, uninterrupted conversation. I would ask someone who might know the answer to this, but I keep getting interrupted.

6 thoughts on “Two Minutes”

  1. cut the sandwiches in with a clover leaf cookie cutter.
    Hang in there, they will get older ( another set of problems.) some day your house will be as quiet as mine. There are perks for that.

    1. Good idea with the cookie cutter.

      I saw two little girls sitting nicely in the cart at the store. I sighed and said ‘why couldn’t we of had girls who sit nicely like that?’ Mad Dog said that the girls will cause their parents issues in later years. Yet, somehow I don’t imagine Frick and Frack heading quietly into puberty.

  2. Green torilla wraps – you can make those pinwheel thingys. Yummy, I might have to make some for Bug on St P’s day for her lunch.

  3. yikes! well you are good at being quick so that is a bonus. How did you little St. Patty’s sandwiches turn out?

    1. They were not green but the kiddos loved them. I stayed and danced with Frick’s class, too. That was a lot of fun.

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