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Spring Cleaning

We had new indoor shutters installed in our guest bedroom and in our loft area upstairs. It is such a huge improvement from the sad, dangly plastic strips that were unsuccessfully trying to pose as window treatments. I feel like we went from dorm-room chic to actual grown-up decor (so very exciting and yes, I realize I need to get out more).

This inspired me to ‘spring clean’ the toys in the loft. There were many useless (and large) baby-type toys that needed to go. I was tossing stuff left and right. Of course, as I’m sorting things into toss and keep piles, little T.Puzzle follows my every move and determines that he loves every single toy I’m trying to lose. I give up eventually and let him keep a couple of them and when he lays down for quiet time (because who am I kidding that he naps anymore?), I race around in desperation loading as much of the unwanted toys into my truck as humanly possible.

Overall the process was a tiny bit sad but mostly felt immensely liberating. Maybe I am delusional but I keep holding on to the dream that as my boys grow older they might mature and my life won’t seem quite as challenging. Then again, where’s the fun in that? Do you really want to read a blog about the world’s best behaved children?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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