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Whatcha Say?

I think one of the biggest perks of having children is when they reach the verbal stage. Often what they say is highly entertaining. Take Full Speed for instance. When he was smaller, he did not like change (still does not). He threw endless tantrums if we so much as switched his winter shoes to sandals. And, the day we turned his car seat to forward facing, if looks could kill I would not be alive to write this post.

Well, anyway, when he first potty-trained we had accrued quite a collection of briefs with characters on them (which he loved) as well as a couple pairs of boxer briefs. I tried the boxer briefs with him a few times and the end result was a total meltdown (and that would be for both of us). I pushed them under the pile of regular briefs and didn’t think twice about it. Recently, he has rediscovered these long-forgotten boxer briefs and now he loves them (of course). It helps that this is what Mad Dog wears (ladies, I promise I was given permission to share this info. about Mad Dog). So now Full Speed thinks he is the cat’s meow. He asked Mad Dog over the weekend if he wears boxer briefs every day. Mad Dog said yes and Full Speed’s eyes grew wide with wonder. “You box somebody EVERY DAY? You win at boxing ALL THE TIME?” Mad Dog just agreed because sometimes that’s just easier.

Not only is it interesting what our children say, but I think as parents we have to be conscious of what we are and are not saying. We all think our children are spectacular and assume that they know this. I try on occasion to tell them how special they are because I think they need to hear it. I always say to big brother Full Speed, “Why does Mommy love you?” He knows the proper response is “because I’m me!” We are in the car today on our way to school and I decide to ask little T.Puzzle the same question. I’m estimating he is at the age where he can start to understand the point of this exchange.

“T.Puzzle, why does Mommy love you?”

Without skipping a beat he says, “because I’m Thomas (the Tank Engine)!”

All I could do was smile. Smile because that was cute and smile because I am lucky enough to have two boys that constantly surprise (not always in a good way) and entertain me (whether I want to be entertained or not).

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