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See Spot Chew

Since he was a baby, little T.Puzzle has carried around and slept with two blankets. One has a Brutus the Buckeye (Ohio State University’s mascot) attached to it and the other is a little blue dog. Of course, these blankets have seen their share of wear and tear. It doesn’t help that he is constantly chewing and picking at them (especially his Brutus, the edging is just about in shreds).

We were in the truck on our way home from vacation and little T.Puzzle had his blankets in his lap (thankfully, both traveled successfully across the country and back) when he proceeds to start chewing on his poor, helpless doggie blanket. When I look back to see why Full Speed is saying, “EW! What is that, T.Puzzle?”, I realize the stuffing is starting to come out of little doggie’s head. It was quite gross because at first glance, the wet, stuffing pouring out of T.Puzzle’s mouth looks like an undistinguishable mound of white goo. I actually was glad to identify it as the inside of his stuffed animal because that brought down the ick factor considerably.

I immediately tell T.Puzzle that he can’t chew on it any more. Of course he tests me a few times and then I have to say, “you chew on it again, I’m taking doggie and Brutus away and you will be in time-out.”

Full Speed throws in his two cents. “Mom, I’ll be your spotter. I’ll let you know if he does it again so you can put him in time-out.”

He was very serious about his role as ‘spotter’. I guess anything to help get his brother in trouble. Ah, the joys of sibling rivalry. Now, if only Full Speed was as good at sewing as he is at throwing his brother under the bus. I have a feeling Mom, doggie and the soon-to-be-disastrous attempts at needle and thread repair could really use the help.

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