Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

5 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Diana – you make me laugh with each blog post! 🙂 Sorry that your “adventures” are a source of laughter for me! You will all live through these phases – maybe with less hair / body parts or more scars than you started with – but you will.

    Glad to see you had a vacation with your sister and all your families.

    Today my parents, Allie and Kit and Ben are coming for dinner. Am sure we’ll get some kind of game in during the afternoon – pinnochle, Pit or something.

    And I could sit by the ocean all day, every day, for … ever …

    1. I try very hard to find the humor in my adventures. That’s what keeps me going. And now, when the boys are really out of control, I think to myself, well, at least this will make a great blog post.

      Hope you had a Happy Easter, too!

  2. Oh I hope you guys did have a very Happy Easter. I was in Vegas….I know shame on me…It was kinda unavoidable but I did get to have a really nice brunch with E alone and MGM Grand which was great. Then when we got back we celebrated with his family and I got food poisoning for 2 days which was just peachy.

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