marital blissishness


Sometimes all you want to do as a Mom, or for that matter, as a woman, is watch something on television that doesn’t involve sports, cars, cartoon characters, blood, guts and don’t forget my favorite,… violence.

How does a lady find her zen in a house that is dominated by the opposite gender?

I am clearly outnumbered here.

All I’m in the mood for is to eat some chocolate and watch me a show with emotional themes and gripping drama relating to these emotional themes.

Sometimes that is a really tall order in my house and sometimes I have to settle for a violent, man-show because that is what marriage and compromise is all about.

I’m not a very gracious compromiser.

And sometimes, that’s the best I can do.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes”

  1. I hear ya sista! I did discover something so wonderful last week and I wonder why on earth it took me so long….watching shows through my computer. The best part is there are so many shows! E was watching BB and I had enough…so I grabbed the computer and went to the website of a show I like to see when they would be back on and realized when it said “watch full episodes, click here” that I was in Heaven. I proceeded to put on my head phones and watch a show. It was so funny because E kept looking over asking how my show was. It was too funny.

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