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Attack Bubble

When I was a small girl, I played lots of quiet lady-like games. I often played alone and would make up games like I was a teacher or that I was a bookkeeper just like my Mom (all this required was access to a calculator). My imagination was as boundless as the variations of games I used to concoct to entertain myself. In most of these self-created games, they tended to run on the calm side. For instance, if I was an imaginary teacher I wouldn’t break into spontaneous karate moves or try to high-kick a student’s head.

Playing outside is a fundamental aspect of raising two active boys. I try to come up with new ways to engage their attention and attempt to expend some of their endless reserves of energy. Most activities I did as a child just don’t cut it.

Since the Easter Bunny was so kind and generous and left the boys with several types of bubble-blowing options, I thought I’d give them a try. I used to adore bubbles. I would play with them for hours as I would lazily chase one bubble to the next. I figured my guys would be bored out of their minds.

Within seconds it became the most ferocious game of attack bubble I had ever witnessed. Maybe this is their gift. T.Puzzle and Full Speed can take any quiet, calming activity and turn it into something physically aggressive in seconds. It’s important to play to our strengths.

4 thoughts on “Attack Bubble”

  1. Attack Bubble – what a great memory! HA – isn’t funny how much you learn as you go along. I really believe they teach us as much as we teach them – or maybe more! My little guy’s only 7 mo. but I’m sure there’ll be some form of Attack Bubble in my future! Cheers, Alli

  2. aww that does sound fun 🙂 Bubbles are great. I know my mom was a savior to blow bubbles after our wedding ceremony to entertain the kids while we took photos. They are magical.

    1. Now, our new game consists of the boys riding their trikes to attack the bubbles. They love it and it is fun to watch.

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