Dental Wishes

T.Puzzle’s toothbrush from first dentist visit

As I was signing Full Speed out of school and little T.Puzzle was running amok in the lobby, I had a serious moment of pause. Why on earth did I decide to have simultaneous dentist appointments for my boys? Had I tripped and hurt myself? Was my brain deficient of oxygen? As I left having outwardly shared my doubts, the receptionist calls out after me, “I’ll pray for you!” She wasn’t joking.

way to go Full Speed!

The pediatric dentist that I chose (and our insurance covers) is a good 45 minutes away. Again, why so far? Do I not have any good judgment left?

When we arrived they quickly took both boys back. I didn’t see them for over an hour. It. Was. Awesome. So worth the long drive.

I assumed that since I didn’t hear any screaming that they must have been fine. No one had cavities, Full Speed set a good example for little T.Puzzle (who was a first-timer) and the staff actually said my boys were ‘sweet’.

The only thing that was missing from this awe-inspiring experience was a martini bar in the waiting room. If they added that (which I suggested on their patient feedback survey), I would encourage monthly teeth checks for the boys. I want to do my part for the health of their teeth and the teeth of children everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Dental Wishes”

  1. omg girl you are too funny! Good for Frick and Frack for clean teeth! Are they posing with their new toothbrushes?? Love it!

    1. I couldn’t believe they took BOTH of them back. I knew they would for Frack, but because it was Frick’s first time, I thought I would accompany them. So, it was a nice, unexpected break.

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