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Advanced Apology

Have you ever done something that may indicate that you are spreading yourself a tiny bit thin? Oh, like I don’t know, accidentally throwing away your children’s spring portraits (yes, a brilliant money making scheme done at the boys’ school that clearly and cleverly exploits the cuteness of my children). I searched my house for forty minutes (FORTY MINUTES!!) to no avail. I kept thinking how much of life is wasted looking for stuff? Eventually, I was faced with my only logical option. I had to explore a less than hygenic bag of kitchen garbage and found the missing photos. They are a little curled on the edges, but are mostly intact due to the plastic envelope that encased them. So, if you happen to get a wallet-size photo from this batch in the mail, I apologize in advance if they smell like gym socks.

1 thought on “Advanced Apology”

  1. oh I can relate with not being able to find things…I tore up the house this morning looking for something which i was unable to find…the pictures are ADORABLE!!!

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