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That’s the Spirit (Part Two)

Over the weekend Mad Dog and I hosted my book club. They are a great group of women and it was fun to socialize outside of the club.

One particular member of my book club reads my blog every day (you know who you are!). She also has two grown sons. She relates to the joys and challenges of raising boys. It’s nice for me to know someone like her who has survived mothering two boys and is a happy, well-adjusted adult (there’s hope for me).

So, when she suggested I read a book about ‘spirited children’ I wasn’t surprised. It actually made quite a lot of sense. I have since picked up the book and honestly, it’s like reading a biography of my parenting life. Not all of it applies but there are certain aspects that describe my boys to a T. I love when something you read validates your experience. It makes the world feel less lonely and much more welcoming.

The whole point of my blog is to find the humor and the common ground we all share. If my blog can do that, then I can do anything. Maybe even parent a ‘spirited’ child or two along the way.


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