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Celebrate Good Times

Full Speed had a birthday party at his school which also happens to have a huge ‘fun-center’ attached to it (turns out it’s not a bad way to go party-wise, the staff organize and care for almost everything). I was grateful to only be taking Full Speed . Playing him man-to-man in the sure to be chaotic party-setting was the only way to go. I left little T.Puzzle in the care of Mad Dog. The last I heard of him before I left was him screaming ‘no!’ and not listening to Mad Dog. No surprise there.

I’m somewhat confounded by the modern day children’s birthday party. My childhood birthday memories consisted of a cake made by my Mom and celebrated with a handful of family. Birthdays are in a different league these days and I’m afraid I’m still in the minors. I have a feeling I’m going have to step up to the plate for Full Speed’s next celebration (thankfully still months away). Luckily, I think little T.Puzzle will still be satisfied with a tiny, homemade affair. That’s more my style and much more conducive to my waning parental sanity.

At Box Seats. They are serious marksman.

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