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I Know Full Speed!

I had a meeting at the boys’ school. I wanted to find out about their summer camp program. The employee I met with was new to the facility. He asked me what my children’s names were.

“I know Full Speed,” he said. He went on to explain that part of his training is to spend time in various classrooms and while he didn’t know many of the students yet, he definitely remembered big .

I thought it was a good thing to have a memorable child but wasn’t entirely sure. I sat back and listened as to why Full Speed stood out so much. He said that Full Speed was always ready with the answer to whatever the teacher asked. So much in fact, that his teacher was getting frustrated that he wasn’t allowing the other kids to have a chance to answer. I guess that means he would be awesome on ‘Jeopardy’. The employee also shared that Full Speed was full of funny faces and noises (hopefully appropriate and not of the bodily function persuasion) and he was more than happy to chat away with this guy he just met. I sensed the man was fully impressed with Full Speed’s extroverted style.

At the end of the meeting, I had to smile. It was nice to have a someone validate what I already know about Full Speed. He is one remarkable little dude.

2 thoughts on “I Know Full Speed!”

    1. It did make my day. Frack is so outgoing and full of personality, he blows me away. It’s fun when someone from the outside can see it, too.

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