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Ready for His Close-Up

We were at the barber shop over the weekend waiting for Mad Dog’s turn in the chair. The boys were being good but eventually, little T.Puzzle decides that he needs to test every, single behavioral boundary. Soon, Mad Dog resorts to taking away his beloved Lightning McQueen crocs as punishment for not listening. Little T.Puzzle starts to lose it and dance around in anguish.

“I want my crocs! I want my crocs!” he cries as he hops up and down.

Well, Full Speed is not going to let this display go by unnoticed. I’m sure you are familiar with the sibling phenomenon of “My Sibling is Bad, therefore I’m Super-Good”. Full Speed wanted the world to know that little T.Puzzle was being out of line.  Full Speed has access to a cell-phone that can take videos. It is an old phone of Mad Dog’s that can’t make calls, texts or emails. We use it to keep Full Speed entertained with the games, camera, and video options on it.

So, he dramatically pulls out his phone and says, “I want to take a video of little T.Puzzle being bad.”

He holds the phone up, points it at a distraught T.Puzzle  and shouts, “Action!”

Of course T.Puzzle didn’t disappoint and Mad Dog and I found ourselves highly amused by Full Speed’s budding directorial inclinations.

1 thought on “Ready for His Close-Up”

  1. omg this one made me burst out laughing at me desk!!! “ACTION!” What a guy 🙂 I love it. Very creative and he was so inspired…I think I may have done the same 🙂

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