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The Blog and the Smile

Little T.Puzzle and I were hanging out together while Mad Dog and Full Speed went to a Tae Kwan Do class. Little T.Puzzle was watching a cartoon and I was on my laptop. After a few minutes he told me to ‘make room’ for him and he snuggled up against me.

“Are you working on your blog?” he asked.

I told him yes and then he ordered me to ‘put my blog away’.

He thinks my laptop is my blog. Very cute.

Who am I to argue with such cuteness?

I put my ‘blog’ away and proceeded to tickle him.

“Stop tickling me! You’re driving me crazy!” he yelled. Of course the gleeful smile plastered across his face told quite a different story.

However, my face and words matched the spirit of the moment exactly.


Little T.Puzzle at movie theater playing a game while we wait for our dollar Tuesday movie to start.

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