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I just enjoyed a lovely dinner on our lanai with my two handsome guys. Granted our conversation was limited to how many times Full Speed saw T.Puzzle at camp (3 times!) and the dryness level of little T.Puzzle’s underpants (a happy report of zero wetness) but it was dinner just the same. I find myself more often than not being the lone parent eating meals with my boys. I do my best to schedule sit-down dinners and even though I may crave slightly more stimulating discussion topics, I’m am so thankful that I have this time with them. It’s hard to imagine but I’m guessing once they are older, their interests will coincide more strongly with Mad Dog’s and they will be off doing something sports-related or watching something sports-related (trust me, I’ve already seen the signs of impending sportsdom in my house).

Then all I will long for is conversation about underpants and time alone with my two handsome guys.

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