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Kung Fu Splashing

Mad Dog and I took the boys to our amenity center pool. It has this great sprinkler area that the boys love. It is a nice way to stay cool as the boys burn through some energy.

The boys had a blast. They ran, they jumped, they splashed and they tackled. Mad Dog and I encouraged it all (except for the tackling). We were the only family in the sprinkler area all the way up until it was time to leave. As soon as we start packing it up, a mom with a small, defenseless toddler girl makes a beeline to the sprinklers. It was pretty obvious that she had been waiting in the wings for my wild boys to leave.

What can I say? That lady was one smart momma.

The boys attack the sprinklers summer 2009.

4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Splashing”

  1. We missed you…the girls and I went to the new pool to play on the slide. Maybe next time we will see you.

    1. I know, they seem very grown up. Maybe we could head to the sprinklers on Thursday afternoon. I’ll have both boys that day so it should be fun.

  2. ha lol! Oh I bet the boys had so much fun in the sprinklers đŸ™‚ It makes me so happy to hear all the stories about the boys playing and having such a great time!

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