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A Quiet Dinner??

While eating dinner last night a curious thing happened. The boys were calm and subdued. They hardly moved and didn’t speak nary a word. Mad Dog and I were convinced that they had taken ill and monitored their every movement. I meticulously checked and documented their vital signs and nothing seemed amiss. They were just quietly tired.

The irony of the situation did not escape me. The more ‘normal’ and quiet they are, the more concerned we are for the state of their physical health.

Of course by the time they headed off for showers, they were back to full-blown insanity and all was right with the world.

1 thought on “A Quiet Dinner??”

  1. That is funny that you guys were concerned because they were quiet and not moving. My dad actually told me that once. He likes a house full of kids with lots of noise…makes him feel at home. I guess as the oldest of nine I could see where he is coming from. Glad to hear it was a lovely dinner.

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