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Nunchuks, Swords and Knives, Oh My!

Little T.Puzzle and I went to pick up Full Speed from weapons camp. When the instructor declared ‘time’s-up!’ for the day, the gaggle of students bowed off the mat and descended upon their lined up bags of equipment. The tae kwon do studio is not that large and combined with the noisy, busy bunch of kids, I was feeling quickly overwhelmed. I tend to get nauseous and highly uncomfortable in tight spaces with big crowds. I did my best to keep my cool and maneuver little T.Puzzle to the side with the bags to meet up with Full Speed. Naturally, as my internal stress rose, this is when little T.Puzzle starts to act up.

“Look where you’re going!” I barked. Little T.Puzzle was careening about on the verge of flopping into the wet noodle formation.

“Watch your feet and don’t step on that sword!” I said.

That’s when I had an out of body moment. Not once in my motherhood imaginings did I ever dream I would tell my three year old to watch out for swords. Baseballs maybe. Swords, I don’t think so.

Can’t wait until Mad Dog signs Full Speed up for machine gun class.

1 thought on “Nunchuks, Swords and Knives, Oh My!”

  1. Oh too funny…yes I can’t imagine that thought had passed into your mind before that day. šŸ™‚ you are too funny.

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